Asian Adventure: Day One

It’s time for another adventure! After six years of exploring Europe, I’m headed to Asia! We’re going to Thailand to explore for ten days and see what the country has to offer. Okay, let’s go! 

Boarding Time 

I’m going to be honest, it was a really busy day prior to heading to the airport. I hosted Easter linner at my house before heading to the airport. For once, I didn’t cut it too close and got to the airport in plenty of time to check my luggage and breeze through a practically empty security line. 

Though boarding took forever, it was pretty smooth and before we knew it, we were headed on our Qatar Airways flight aboard a Boeing 777. The first leg of our flight was 12 hours and had us traveling to Doha for a nine hour layover. 

The flight was pretty smooth, though a little bit bumpy. Because my day had been so full, I was able to take an Advil PM and slept a full SEVEN hours. It was glorious! 

Hello Doha!

Before long I could feel the heat coming through the window of the airplane and I knew that we must be getting ready to land in the desert! Unfortunately, the wing blocked my view so I could only see a little bit of the Arabian gulf, but what I could see was beautiful blue waters. 

Qatar Airways is amazing and they have this three hour free tour of the city they gave to those who have long layovers. We landed in Hamad International airport and were amazed! This is one of the closest airports that I’ve ever seen. They have free Macs for people to use, a playground for children, excellent free wifi (that I’m currently on), and a warm open atmosphere.

We easily found the tour desk and after going through security again, we made our way into the city. The tour stopped first at the Corniche Promenade close to the Museum of Islamic Art which had amazing views of the Doha skyline. Then we went to the Pearl Island which is a man-made island that has a whole bunch of luxury shops. Lastly, we went to Souq Waqif which means the Standing Market in English. It was so busy with people! I feel like this is where the Qataris hang out. There were sidewalk cafes, fabric shops, as well as a few tourist traps. I didn’t see anything worth buying, but when I came upon the bird market!! There were cages and cages of parakeets, cockatiels, and Indian ring necks. It was so cool! I did make me a little sad because some of the birds were clearly not being treated well, but they generally seemed so happy and noisy. 

Back to the Airport 

Before we knew it, the tour was over and we were back in the airport. We found a nice Arabian restaurant to eat a classic meal in aiport to wait out the rest of our layover. I had a delicious lamb wrap, and delicious chai. We’ll be in Bangkok in six more hours!
UP NEXT: Exploring Bangkok! We’ll land and then relax, and then go try out something that’s super popular in Bangkok – a rooftop bar!