“Where’d You Go?”

As you may have noticed, I have been absent for nearly five months. Like much of the rest of the world there’s been a long going on. I’ll start with a brief introduction.

Introducing Daydreams…

In October of last year, I started the Secret Life of Daydreams (sounds familiar, eh?) Daydreams is a social events company in Washington, D.C., focused on hosting fun and interesting events in the area – starting with arts and crafts for adults. I was inspired by how much I love the quiet times of arts and crafts and being creative with friends. I thought perhaps there were other people who  might be interested in that too, and so far it’s received a warm reception. I hosted my first Crafternoon in June, and it’s been rolling since this. It’s been an amazing time of understanding myself and what I’m capable of, especially when I’m only limited by own creativity or idea of what’s possible. It’s also been such a time of growth in my relationship with God. I’ve been really pressed in how much I truly trust Him. It’s scary, but so awesome. 

TSLOD Header_Daydreams

Other Things

Over the last few months I’ve also hosted an amazing birthday brunch were I got to be surrounded by family and friends, and feed my desire to host in my new apartment. Though, I guess it’s not new anymore since I just re-signed my lease, but what can I say? This year is throwing everything off.

I haven’t done too much travel, a few small trips here and there. I must say that I thought I’d miss it a lot more when I left USGBC, but I really don’t. I got my London and big trip fixes this year and I’m really okay with everything else.

Kim came to visit! It was almost like when were back in college, tooling around Arlington and D.C. Now, however, we have a car and some money!

I’ve spent time with old fellow USGBCers that I missed, and it was just recently a year since I left. It’s still a little weird to me. Greenbuild is next week and for the first time in ten years I have absolutely nothing to do with it.

I’ve also experienced loss during this time, but I’m still getting to a place where I can write about it. When I can, I’ll share.

I promise not to stay away so long again…

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