Enjoying Washington, D.C. // Vintage Game Night

If there’s something I love about Washington, D.C., especially in the summer, it’s that many of the historic mansions in the city take full advantage of the high nerd level in the city and host a variety of interesting events. I’m going to be exploring many of those this summer and sharing them with you.

Earlier this week I tried something new: Vintage Game Night at the Woodrow Wilson House. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it certainly wasn’t scores of young professionals leaning elegantly against their croquet mallets, and playing card games circa the early 1900s with strangers while sipping white wine.

The entrance fee of $15 includes two drink tickets, light snacks, several games with instructions, but most awesomely for me, the historic venue to lounge around as if you were personally invited by President and Mrs. Wilson themselves.

I didn’t sense any of the pretension that I often find at events in D.C. There was none of that “where do YOU work?” business, which was beyond refreshing. Some of the games were super confusing and made me think that back in the day people didn’t have television, Twitter or blogs, so that had more mind space to make sense of the instructions. However, as we were leaving a group of people pulled us into this game of Pit which was so much fun. It’s a trading game where you yell at everyone trying to trade your cards until you have a fully matching set. It was a great way to make new friends. While we’d been getting ready to leave about twenty minutes early, we ended up staying twenty minutes after closing time.

Want to experience Vintage Game Night yourself? It’s hosted every first Wednesday from 5:30pm-8:00pm.

A few pictures…


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