Baby Jess & Mom

The Baby Jess pictures continue. I don’t know why sorting through these pictures has given me a sense of calm. Maybe it helps me to remember the things that I’ve already been through in my life, and how the Lord has  graciously delivered me from so much already.


Afternoon at Oatlands Plantation

| Oatlands Plantation |

On a lovely Saturday afternoon in September, Kimberly and I continued our tours of the grand old mansions of the Washington, DC area. This trip took us to Oatlands Planation, just outside Leesburg, Virginia. Having exhausted all of the homes in the city, the time had come for us to branch out.

The nice thing about having to move outside of the city is that you get to see the amazing pieces of land that these homes were placed on. I thoroughly enjoyed the house because it was a lovely yellow color, and it was unique looking house considering the time period that it was built in. Also, I may have a black thumb, but I’m a sucker for a good garden, and this one was lovely.

The house also had some pretty good history, but I’ll be honest and say that it changed hands so many times that I lost track per early during the tour. If you have the time, and would like the drive, you should definitely go out there. Old Town Leesburg is only about ten minutes away and is a great place for some food and shopping post tour. Make sure to go on a day when the whether is nice so that you can enjoy the gardens.