The Worse the Economy, the Better the Movies

No, it’s true. Trust me. In the past couple of years, I have experienced a startling level of disappointment when it comes to movies. It’s like as soon as we hit the year 2000 the quality of movies went right down the crapper. I’m not just talking about one studio, or just chick flicks, or just certain directors. Everything. I’ve experienced letdown after letdown, after letdown. I really began to wonder: does no one care about creating a work of art? Has the movie business become so much of business that all studio execs are thinking about is that bottom line? I sincerely hoped not. When you go to a movie, you’re supposed to be able to go to a different place and be drawn into a story. I get to know new people, to experience the impossible and walk out with all of the possibilities still whirling in your head. Time should be taken to consider stories that will make a mind wonder….that wasn’t happening at all. Repeatedly I walked out of the movie theatre last year thinking instead: what a WASTE of money! Some examples of this are: 27 Dresses, Rambo, Fool’s Gold, Jumper, Made of Honor, Indiana Jones Part 80, Wanted, The Mummy Part 20, The Women (way to destroy a CLASSIC!), Eagle Eye, and The Day the Earth Stood Still (another classic, completely obliterated)

Now, I will acknowledge that I am a pretty difficult movie critic. It takes a lot to truly entertain me. Move over, I tend to notice everything. This means that when a character walks into their apartment without shutting the door, then continues about the scene as if it’s been closed, all I can think about for the next half hour is how that door is still open.

However, this year as we suffer the legacy to date of Dick and Bush, I find that my moviegoer experience has changed. I am 4 to 4 for good movies and it’s only May. So far I’ve seen Fast and Furious, Wolverine, Star Trek, and Night at the Museum. Here’s what I qualify as good: interesting storyline, good acting, believable plot turns, good special effects, and it so way amusing. I’ve found those qualities in all four of those movies. In varying levels, naturally.

As a business minded woman I believe that this is linked to the fact that no one has a disposable income anymore. Part of me cringes when I remember that I’ve seen Star Trek twice. It seems extravagant. So to go and drop $10 in the evening to see a movie that’s going to be crappy. I don’t think. I stopped doing that for awhile.

Now I see improvement. I can only hope it lasts…