Plannerizer Report: San Diego

I’m in love. I know, I’ve finally said it. All of these reviews, and videos of the week, and other stuff. Where’s the romance talk? I’m sorry, you’re not going to get in this entry either. I meant with a city. San Diego. Unlike any other event that I’ve done at work so far, this one was only a few  hours at the end of the day. Do you know what I did in the afternoon? I worked on my laptop in a cabana by the pool. Oh, yes. I did. It was so wonderful.

The event was a little bit rocky because of the venue. I won’t go into this here, but let’s just say that it wasn’t pleasant.

I stayed in California an extra day so that I could explore considering it was my first time in the state. I think I did a little bit too much considering the amount of miles I walked. I took the bus over to Coronado because I was not going to leave the city without seeing the Pacific Ocean. It was so wonderful. I only sat on the beach for a few moments but I was able to decompress a little bit. It helped so much with everything that’s been going on in my personal life right now. Then I headed back to San Diego and walked to Balboa Park. What a neat place! I got see the zoo, watch street performers, and just take it all in. It’s my favorite place so far!

You know how I feel about palm trees

The Measure of a Lady

Wonderful Novel! I don’t know why I connected with this book so quickly, but I did. Granted, I do love Deeanne Gist, but this book was special. I love how she adds what it means to be a Christian woman in all her novels. In think I liked this one even more because it talked about the responsibility an older sibling has to her younger siblings. The man character raises her brother and sister after her father dies in new and ungoldly 1849 San Francisco. I can imagine. I see a lot of paralellism between that city then and living in Washington, DC. So many temptations. I can feel Rachel’s pain when she sees her brother or sister struggling and doesn’t know what to do about it. How she keeps her faith through it all. It’s good read, I definitely recommend it!

A New Place, a New Reason to Explore!

I didn’t know how I’d feel about moving to a new place, but I have to say that I’m seriously enjoying it. Each day we find new places to explore. Falls Church City is quite a busy place! Their event calendar is quite plentiful, I’m looking forward to experience some of their events. I’m especially enjoying their Growing Green program.

The events calendar will be going up soon! Check it out if you’re interested.