Plannerizer Report: Phoenix, Arizona

Can I explain how wonderful it is to travel to a warm place from a cold place? I don’t think I can put this into words. So, a couple of days of being on the West Coast, I fly back across country for another meeting. This is a meeting that I had a lot more ownership over since I’ve been handling the logsitics from the beginning. Everything went wonderfully. It probably helped because I landed and saw palm trees. That always lightens my disposition.

Greeness? Eh…yeah. They’re working on. It’s just interesting because I usually go to cities that are battling it out to be the greenest city in the country(Chicago, Boston, Seattle vs. Portland), and I don’t even know is Phoenix is aware that race is going on. Talk about urban spawl. Of course, the facilites we used had to upgrade on the green factor for us to even consider going to meet with them, just as our hotels do when we take our show to a city. That’s one of the things I really enjoy about what I do, is that I feel like you can see a difference in the way that a city words during the entire process of taking the show to their town.

Phoenix itself is a lovely place. I don’t know…I may be extremely bias because I got to walk around in flip flops. It’s possible ; )


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