Plannerizer Report: Seattle, Washington

This trip was quite an adventure. Not only did I find out that I was going just a few days before I left, but it was also my first time on the West Coast. I was worried that I’d be sooo bored during the flight, but delightfully, I wasn’t. This was also adventure because I wasn’t quite sure about the event space that I was going to be using. Outside of running out of food or losing power, I feel like this is something that’s VERY scary for an event planner. Especially when you’re dealing with a high level meeting like I was.

The first day….we have no audio/visual. This means there’s no projector, the screen is broken, the telephone isn’t working. Basically, all that IS working is the power. Oh, did I also add that it was like 12 degrees in the meeting space as well? Oy. Luckily, everything went well with food so at least they were able to eat. Amazingly, I wasn’t in a panic mostly because of the fact that I had spent so much time before I left having minor freak outs ; )

Eventually, I moved the meeting down to another floor and the meeting run exceedingly smoothly. Seattle was a great city to work in reference to greenness. I don’t know what their overall “rating” is from the meeting’s industry, but I found it easy for the caterer and the meeting space to meet all of our greening needs. I stayed in a Kimpton, so of course my needs were met there.

I did also get a chance to spend some time walking around the city which is something I love doing. I definitely have the gene to explore in my. I always want to get out and see what’s going on. I have a lot of trips coming up in the next few months, so I hope to have a chance to explore those cities, too!

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