New York City Ballet, I Heart You

Last night I went to a mixed rep of the New York City Ballet. It was delightful! The NYCB must have listened after my review of the ABT’s Sleeping Beauty (ugh). The first piece was from Carousel, I don’t know how many of you have seen that musical, but they did it beautifuly. My eyes watered at one point. They were lovely dancers and they definitely had the soul that always seems to be missing from ABT. The middle two programs were fair, they were much more conceptual to me and I didn’t mind then.

The last piece was HILARIOUS! It was like a ballet verison of Audience done to Chopin The entire Opera House was rolling. I think I liked it so much because it was choregraphed by Jerome Robbins (West Side Story) and I love his work. I didn’t want it to end; it was refreshing after watching the middle two pieces. An excellent beginning and an excellent end. 

Just like my ideal man ; )

I also so Alvin Ailey last week, but I don’t think it’s worth writing about….While the dancers were amazing acrobats, I just feel like…meh.

Favorite Ballet Company Order for Jess:
1. Bolshoi Ballet                                  Cinderella
2. New York City Ballet                       Mixed Rep
3. American Ballet Theatre                Mixed Rep         
4. Washington Ballet                          Nutcracker
5. Russian National Ballet (bleh)     Swan Lake

Up Next!
The Bolshoi Ballet