::DINGDINGDING!:: Uh-oh, what’s that sound?! It is time for RANDOM-MEN-WHO-HIT-ON-JESS TIME?! I think it is….So, I get off work on Sunday and I’m walking toward this bus station like thing. I only have to make this walk when I’m living in Reston, but it’s where like a bunch of buses meet. I see this one bus coming towards me, it is going in the opposite direction of the bus volley but I know that the route makes a big circle and so I’m thinking if he slows down and lets me on, I won’t have to walk the rest of the way. WHEE! Soo…he slows down, I slow down because I am powerwalking, there is no way that I am going to miss the bus that is waiting for ME at the bus volley. Do you know that man slows down, checks me out and then keeps going! I just realized now that that could be considered very insulting…But whatever, I keep walking. Powerwalking.

I arrive at the bus volley before Mr. Cruiser does. ‘Cause I’m just that cool. I walk up to my bus and the bus driver isn’t there, I figure he’s instead getting a snack or whatever (I wonder what he’s getting because I’m starving.) Then I see a guy in his uniform coming towards the bus, I’m thinking ohh, yay, here’s my bus driver. Nope. It’s Mr. Smooth. He walked all the way across the bus volley towards me. He tells me his name…Mario (too bad is wasn’t Lopez, I LOVE YOU SLATER!) Because believe you me, this man is no Slater. So he gives me his number on one of the bus schedules. His number! What kinda nerve is that?!?! The entire time he’s talking to me his just keeps running his eyes up and down, up and down. GO AWAY! I’m so glad the bus was right there because we were having to shout of the sound of the engine so I didn’t actually have to talk to him. I was so glad when my bus driver came back. So glad. GO A-WAY!!!

Delightful Sets And Costumes Do Not a Good Ballet Make

Oh, American Ballet Theatre, how you disappoint me. I was oh so excited to see your rendition of The Sleeping Beauty. I had been looking forward to it for about a month and a half. And finally, there was I, sitting in the Opera House at the Kennedy Center opening night. A mere six rows back from the pit, able to see the sweat on your faces. 

House lights dim….

Conductor is presented…..




That’s it?! No, really. Is that it? Can you please explain to me why I hear the set being moved across the stage as though it’s the big set piece from Crazy for You? Can you explain to me why I hear you guys talking backstage? Can you explain why dancers–notice that’s plural–fell on stage! Now one who fell was my beloved Sascha. I’ll excuse you anything, my darling. Not only are you so cute, but you also danced with more spirit and grace then many on the stage this evening. I’ll watch you dance anytime with a smile on my face.

There was no energy! Were you guys at all happy to be on stage??? I naturally understand that you may have been nervous considering this was the first night you performed this, but honestly, people paid big bucks to see you perform well! I rate you only slightly above the National Russian Ballet’s Swan Lake! Yes, that’s the Swan Lake where the dancers were not only out of synch with the canned music but also with each other!

Last year you performed beautifully. It still lacked some spirit but at least the choreography was creative. This evening there wasn’t dancing so much as the dancers were being presented over and over again. We’re not in a French royal court in the 1700s, we’re at the ballet.

 Ballet is supposed to be dazzling, I’m supposed to be upset with the prospect that your performance will soon be over, not squirming about waiting for that final curtain call. You are supposed to take me on a journey and connect with me on a spirtual level through your dancing. Now, don’t get me wrong, your sets were AMAZING as were the costumes. Paloma Herrera was a lovely Aurora, Prince Desire was a delight to watch on stage. But delightful sets, and costumes, a few good principals does not a good ballet make. 

These are words that I would strongly advise the New York City Ballet to keep in mind when I have the pleasure of watching them perform in Feburary.