The Potential Heart-attack Giver…

So…another interesting story for you guys. I seem to be full of them lately. One of my guests who comes in frequently for services called while I was working a couple of weeks ago. I recognized his voice. So I was like “Good Afternoon Mr. *BEEP*(for privacy reasons and to cover Jess’ assets, guest’s name will not be mentioned)”  He was like: “Oh, hello. Oh is this?” I was like, “It’s Jessica.” So I take care of all of his needs spa wise and when I’m about to end the conversation Mr. *BEEP* says…

-You know Jessica, I think you’re very beautiful.
-….thank you Mr. *BEEP*. Have a nice..
-You’re probably married or something, aren’t you?
– …umm…
– I hope I’m not embarrasing you.
– *nervous chuckle*
– Will you be working when I come in for my appointment?
-Certainly, Mr. *BEEP*
-Good! I’ll see you then

And that was how the conversation ended….Now. MR. *BEEP* came in a couple of days ago…I was not working…poor me. He’s talking with a service provider. He tells the service provider about our conversation! I had already told because Mr. *BEEP* is her guest, so just wanted to make sure that she knew. Ha! The service provider fueled the fire! She was like “Yeah, she’s single! Next time you call you should ask to speak with her and ask her when she is going to be coming in so that you can talk to her.”
Mr. *BEEP* is like “Really!? That would be great because I really want to invite her to come to Flordia with me.” FLORIDA!!!!!! WHAT KIND OF A FIRST DATE IS THAT?!?! YOU’RE OLD ENOUGH TO BE MY FATHER!!!!
*calming sigh*
    So, that’s my story. That’s what I get for working around people who are stinking flithy rich. My favorite is that when I tell a girl she’s like:
“Hell, no! Don’t go…he’s probably gonna want you to do something really freaky!”
 When I tell a guy he’s like:
“Go! Just make sure he signs his estate over to you before you do anything. You’ll probably give him a heart attack before you even take all of your clothes off.”
*Sigh* That was almost verbatium
Now, don’t get me wrong. Mr. *BEEP* is a VERY nice man. He’s always a gentleman…but I don’t think so. Besides, I’m sure it was a passing fancy anyway.