Gross, gross, gross!

Explain this to me. How are you gonna roll on up someone…a stranger, a young female and then flash her your card with the line “Do you have a house?” I don’t know, but this is what happened to me yesterday. First of all, he was short, automatic minus ten points. Then i tell him that no, I don’t in fact need his help because my mother is a freaking real estate agent. Thank you VERY much. So he asks me for her card, I gave it to him…not thinking at all. Then he asks for my number. “My number?” I ask. “Yes, your number.” Okay, so he caught me at a time when I was feeling….adventurous, let’s say and so I gave him my home number. I figure, if he’s crazy, I’ll be at college in a week and he won’t be able to harass me there, right? He calls me at quarter to midnight, I don’t really notice what time it is because I’m watching a movie on my laptop, but when I hang up the phone I realize that he’s called me that late! He doesn’t know me that well!! The twenty minute conversation is about twenty minutes longer then it should have been. He asks me if I’m seeing anyone…okay, so I’d fibbed and said yes. But I have no interest in seeing him what-so-ever. So why lead him on? You know? Then he proceeds to lecture me about why I gave him my home number:

“Why didn’t you give me your cell?” He asks, and good question now that I think about it.
“Because you know, I’m trying to watch my minutes” I reply
“Well you know that I wouldn’t sit here and run up your minutes, I made sure to call you after nine.” (Um, hello. I DON’T know YOU)
“I’m a college student, trying to keep the expenses down.”
“Well, maybe someday I can take care of that for you.”
“Right?” He says with more hubris then I’d expect out of a first conversation

Um….Then he goes on to explain that I am unlike any other girl that he has ever met and even though I have a ::cough:: boyfriend, “you never know what could happen.” Now what the hell is that supposed to mean…you never know what could happen. Oh yeah, you are so totally gonna steal me away from my “boyfriend” Oh baby. Oh baby. What WAS his problem? Now he’s waiting for me to call him…which I might do if I hadn’t “accidently” throw away his business card. Sorry buddy, but I so don’t trust you, I suggest you stay away from me so that things don’t get ugly.