I knew something was coming when he slinked his way over.

So…wanna hear some randomness that happened to Jessica this week? It will display how I’m a freak magnet! SO! Jessica is walking to Banana Republic to purchase her much desired yellow croc-embossed clutch purse when a young man comes along to her and says…

Young Man: Hello, how are you?
Jessica: Hi…I’m good.
Young Man: I bet you’re a college student.
Jessica: ::what is it written on my forehead or something?:: Yep, I am
Young Man: I wish I could go to college, but I got into drugs and it f*cked up all my chances.
Jessica: …..
Young Man: ::offers hand:: Hi, I’m Shawn
Jessica: ::reluctantly takes hand, she can help it, it’s her damn good breeding:: Hi, Shawn.
Young Man: And your name?
Jessica: ::DAMN IT!:: Jessica…..
Young Man: ::Walking away:: Nice to meet you Jessica
Jessica: thinking ::What the flying f*ck was that?!::

Now….I know that I have some….how should I say….interesting experiences…but I really don’t think I’ve had any as random is this one. I know Becs is thinking of when the man asked me to be his mistress on the Metro, but no, this wins the randomness award. The old man on the Metro at least was staring at my breasts…I knew something was coming when he slinked his way over. *Sigh* Never a dull moment in the life of Jessica.