“Everything was beautiful at the ballet. I was happy, at the ballet.”

The Bolshoi Ballet’s Cinderella, was the most beautiful ballet I’ve ever seen in my life. The sets were so amazing. During the part where the clock strikes midnight, the Storyteller–fairy godfather–is swinging back and forth on a pendulum. It was hilarious also, I was laughing so hard at some parts. The Handsome Prince makes his entrance by sliding down this huge stair bannister. The wicked stepsisters were pretty funny too. The dancing was amazing! I mean…wow…I don’t even know what to say. My seat was THREE ROWS from the pit. THREE!!! I could see the dancer’s sweat! The best part? My ticket was only 10 dollars. 
I was teary eyed at the end. I was afraid they were going to change the ending and make it so that Cinderella and her Prince didn’t get back together…but they didn’t! And when they found each other and she snuck up on him and covered his eyes and he realized that it was her! Oh! Their finally pas de deux was so amazing. I felt my heart soar. The Handsome Prince was rather handsome, and he had this cockiness that was befitting such a character. Then you see the Storyteller’s face when he realizes that Cinderella is gone with the Prince and it’s such a bittersweet moment. His facial express was so sad, but soon he realized that it was for the best.
It wasn’t your usual Disneyesque Cinderella story. It was different, but in a way that I enjoyed. It was quite refreshing actually. They’re sold out for the rest of their stay, or else I would seriously consider sneaking in to watch it again. They’re doing another ballet later this week, Don Quixote. Whenever they’re in town, I’m going to go see them again. They made me realize why I fell in love with ballet in the first place. Don’t believe me?  Washington Post Cinderelle Review